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babyPlayer A simple little tool for helping your little one use your old iPhone...more coming!


*PS, multimillion dollar idea below...free of charge.

ScutMonkey, MD in the open!

Do you know Java or google app engine or iText? What about XML, relax ng compact syntax, XSLT, XSL-FO, SVG? Do you have a background in graphic design or technical report writing? Want to work on ScutMonkey, MD? Check out http://sourceforge.net/projects/scutmonkey-md/develop


Are you an intern? Does your institution use Epic or any other EMR that you can add a note writing template to? Tired of looking up daily labs and vitals?

Want a simple program to make a patient list like this for you automatically?

Are you simply ashamed of the medical profession for not driving the development of awesome pt related database reporting tools? Check out this solution:

Scut Work, only smarter...or less dumb...

(anyone interested in designing a small mark-up language for daily scut work? email me: blog@drgoss.org)

Surgeon/DoerNotThinker/Slasher Style:

This report format was designed by the neurosurgery team at my medical school (where they use excel). Using PDF, inserting labs is easy! Any desired format is possible, with some elbow grease.

Medicine/ThinkerNotDoer/Blood scares me Style: report style courtesy of Ken from medfools.com

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Closer Look

Questions, email me at blog@drgoss.org...

Want to go to medical school? (under construction...progress is slow!)

There are somethings that are hard to get good advice on, especially when it comes to the profession of Medicine. I'll be blogging about some things I found difficult before starting medical school. Maybe my experience will help you! I plan to write on the following topics:

    • How-to become a physician (in the US)
    • How-to get in to Medical School
    • How-to ace the MCATS
    • How-to succeed in the pre-clinical years (M1-M2)
    • How-to succeed in the clinical years (M3-M4)
    • How-to ace the USMLE Step 1
    • How-to choose a specialty
    • How-to get in to residency

Check out my blog at http://dr-goss.blogspot.com

Add a Simple Blog / Comments Section to Your Site

Google Domain -- using a gadget

    1. copy the following url:
    2. http://dr-goss.appspot.com/gadget?domain=yourdomain&pg=pg1&num=100 (add "nd" without quotes before the question mark to disable the delete feature).
    3. Edit the above url and change "yourdomain" to your own keyword for your site (Your domain name is suggested, not required) and change the "pg1" to the name of the page (eg, comments...you can have many different pages with comments sections, eg -- comment section per blog entry)
    4. Edit your own google dom
      1. ain webpage and select INSERT > MORE and then click add by url
  1. paste your edited link, click add, and set the width of the gadget (460 px a
  2. wide seems to work well)...and enjoy!

Need help? just email me at blog@drgoss.org

Non-Google Domain -- using <embed> or <iframe> tags

    1. Copy the link above in step 1, but delete the word "gadget" from the URL
    2. Edit the url and use it as the src parameter for your embed/iframe tag

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